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Basic maintenance of quartz stone counters

 Quartz stone has become a new type of counter material. It is not afraid of scratching, good heat resistance, can be paved with large area, seamlessly stitched, durable, it's a high quality green material with soft and elegant color.Quartz stones are widely used for kitchens, dining tables, bathroom countertops, window sills and bar counters, etc.Now let's take a look at the basic maintenance knowledge of quartz stone counters.
 Keep the countertop as dry as possible
 First of all, keep the quartz stone counter clean. Do not soak or accumulate the table surface for a long time to keep the table surface clean and dry.

Avoid using sharp objects to scratch the quartz stone counter during operation.
 No matter which counter you choose, you should cut vegetables on the cutting board to prepare food, in addition to avoiding the loss of knife marks, damage to the blade, and it's also easily to clean the counters.

Do not place the heat or hot pot directly or permanently on the countertop
 When you remove the hot pot, hot pot or other overheated utensils from the cooktop or oven, microwave, please use a clean cloth on the quartz stone counter. Excessive temperature will cause damage to the countertop.
 Strictly prevent corrosive chemicals from contacting the counter
 Try to avoid touching the relevant corrosive chemicals on the countert in daily life. If you accidentally contact them, immediately rinse the surface with plenty of soapy water or consult relevant professionals.

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