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Everyone who knows how to buy and sell ceramic tiles knows that the high-grade and beautiful appearance of ceramic tiles depends largely on how well you look. So now there are so many manufacturers of tile display fixtures that can survive. Because there is demand. So how do we place our tiles so that our customers feel that our tiles are better in quality and aesthetics?

 Many people say that I have to learn how to do Tile Display Stand by myself. Nowadays, there are so many free books on the Internet to buy shelves, but also to buy, it is a waste of money. Saving money is king. If you are in a state of mind, treat your career. I am sure that even if you can survive in the tile industry. That is definitely a small level. Look at the eyes of others. Don't tell me you don't want to make money. Ok, let's talk about how to place the tiles. First, plan the size and storage orientation of your display based on the size of your store. This can be designed by yourself or by a designer who can help you with your reference. The specific thing to buy a pack of cigarettes and eat a meal. After the placement position is determined, the type of display is purchased. There are page flips, push-pull, and so on. According to the characteristics of the store, the selection of products and the customization of the size. It is best to choose a style similar to your own shop decoration design. Matching is reasonable and then convenient for customers to watch and choose.

Also, many of the current Tile Display Rack Factory production techniques are rough. Everyone has to choose carefully. According to the selection principle of the above two points, you can definitely choose the tile display rack that you like and suitable. Finally, I wish everyone can make the tile business booming. Make more money.

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